You have the power to reinvent yourself and make a difference in your  life. If you are not happy, then fix it!

Remix Your Life!

Living True Living You  simply means when you live in your truth, you are living your authentic self. Often times people live life unhappily because they feel stuck in a job, marriage, or state of mind. As long as you have breath in your body, you have the power to change your circumstances and the condition of your life. You only get one life on this earth, so handle it with care. Dare to dream big and go for what you want out of life. Life waits for no one, so it's time to get busy and live out the life you want. After all, if you aren't living your best life, then you aren't really living at all.

   *Do you lack drive and motivation?

   *Are you unhappy with your life?

   *Do you have a difficult time

    achieving goals?

​    *Do you have trouble

     clarifying your vision?

​    *Are you lacking self-esteem?

   *Trouble maintaining relationships?


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  • Personal Coaching
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  • How To Become A Published      Author- Workshop & Coaching
  • Key Note Speaking Engagements
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  • ​Women's Empowerment Conferences
  • Coming of Age Mentorship Programs​
  • Couples Coaching

Live a Positive & Productive Life!

About Kendell:

 (Pronounced Ken-DELL)

Kendell Lenice has been a Life Coach (Coach K) and a Counselor for more than a decade. It is her passion and love for helping people that led her to this career. She is a mentor, speaker, certified financial coach, radio talk show host and and published author. Her goal is to empower  people to live their best lives and reach their fullest potential. 

Kendell holds several certifications in her field and is the Vice President of Life Enhancement Coaching Institute.

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"It's never too late to remix your life!"

​          "Lady Motivator"

​"Allow me to help you create the life you want!"​

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The Difference

The difference between a Life Coach  and a Therapist. A therapist's job is uncovering and recovering moments from the past and coach's job is assisting you in your present life ... guiding you towards a fantastic future. Coaching is goal oriented & solution driven.


Coaching- Where?

It doesn't matter where you are in the world, I can coach you.

  • In Person
  • By Phone
  • Virtual (Skype/FaceTime)

Community Outreach Feedback~

The Best Gift Ever:A Guide To Loving You -Learning How To Live Your Best Life!

The Best Gift Ever~

Introduce yourself to the

new and  improved You!

Learning to like, love and live with your BEST self!

Personal Statement

"As a Transformational Life Coach & Speaker, I am inspired by transformation and self-empowerment. As a caterpillar sheds its protective skin, evolving into a beautiful butterfly, I help people do the exact same thing with their lives.  It’s important to me that people live their best and ultimate lives. Helping individuals blossom into a better version of themselves, is a calling for me. When I see a person harboring on mistakes of their pasts, not living their full potential in their present life or frantically concerned about their future. I step in to remind them of their greatness.

Everyone has a defining moment in their lives, where change begins to happen. As a transformational life coach and speaker, I am a catalyst for change, development and growth. It’s my duty to pour the 3-Ps…positivity, possibility and purpose back into the lives of women, men and children. I believe everyone wants to improve their lives, but many don’t know where to start.  People usually give up right before they breakthrough and breakout of their darkness, self-pity and emotional struggles. Life is a like the open road. You may have a carefree journey without any bumps…smooth terrain. However, at some point down life’s road you will approach road blocks, caution lights, accidents, slippery roads and stop signs. Many think the road as they know it will never be the same, but that’s ok. A new path is a new start. You just to learn to proceed, not with caution, but with wisdom through your past experience. It’s all growth.

We all have a light within us, but people are often afraid to shine brightly. Through affirmations, coaching, group sessions, self-acceptance, self-awareness, visualization, motivation and empowerment, I reignite the flame.

Transformation is a part of life, nothing stays the same and neither should you. You have the power to remix your life. Allow me to help you see the GREAT in you." 
~Kendell Lenice

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Are You Ready To Change Your Life? 

As Your  Life Coach,

I can support YOU in living your best life. Allow me to help you recognize your greatness and move you to the next level. I will hold you accountable for your life. Just like a sports team needs a coach to help them win, I will be your coach and help YOU win!

Living True Living You

Learn to live your BEST life, without apologies!

The workshop yesterday was absolutely fabulous and one for all the women to remember. I appreciate you so so so very much, and your words are powerful and meaningful. Because of people like you, success may not look so impossible for the residents here. And because of people like you, I don’t feel like a one-man band trying to do what I do alone. Having 10 participants attending yesterday’s workshop is a huge success in itself!

Thanks again.

Carin Prescott
Community Specialist
Radically Resident-Driven

Transformational Life Coaching & Speaking

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Our Mission Statement:

L - Life is meant to live in color
T - Time is precious
L  - Live your life on purpose
Y - You are extraordinary

Our mission is quite simple. We want to actively motivate women, men and children to live their best lives, through self-awareness and authenticity.